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ray ban sunglasses

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Drink ware made from glass prove to be ray ban sunglasses some of the timeless wedding favors and nowadays, more and more couples are turning to etched shot glasses as their wedding favors. Favor shot glasses aren't as expensive as it may sound. Favor shot glasses include a unique design and a personalized message in short sentences from the bride and groom such as 'happy together', 'happily married' or 'thank you' or it can mention the names of the bride and groom. At times, the wedding date and venue are also included into the glass.Years ago, wedding favors used to come in paper bags but couples nowadays use etched shot glasses to replace these bags since these glasses can become useful even after the wedding date. Here's an idea into making your shot glasses look really nice.
shot glasses that aren't colored nor have designs on it. Once you have purchased these, get some colored crepe paper of your choice. Red, beige, powder blue, pink and even purple and plum colors are great.Next, cut the paper into a square that's big enough so that its sides spill out of the shot glass. After the square of paper is cut, just ray ban clubmaster place it into the shot glass. It doesn't have to look nice as the whole point of the paper is to be a base. Then, after doing this, include chocolates or trinkets or anything that you were planning to include for the wedding favor into the glass. The favor shot glass should contain a message of 'Thank You' as well as the wedding date and venue.

Another ray ban wayfarer interesting and wonderful wedding favor idea is buying simple shot glasses and filling them with candy. Adding a small card that has the names of the couple printed on it gives the wedding favor a personal touch or you can make small cards or tags in the shape that you like, glue them onto a toothpick and stick them into the candy-filled glass with your personal message handwritten or printed. Choose candy that does melt or spoil as nobody would like to eat spoiled or melted candy. If you can fine candy that's wrapped with individual decorative paper, it's even better.Apart from including candy or trinkets into your etched shot glass, why not put in scented candles? Scented candles make any gift look luxurious and expensive.

Inexpensive shot glasses make a great gift-with-purchase lentes ray ban item at your retail store. If you own a restaurant, offer your customers with keep-the-glass drink specials. Even bars and clubs can get on the bandwagon by offeringshot glasses to their loyal club patrons. The best part, aside from increasing your business revenue, of course is that the items are customized, so customers take a reminder of your business right into their homes.Not only are custom imprinted shot glasses useful for businesses, it is also great to promote a sports team or an event. For instance, if your favorite sports team is having a fund raiser, then imprint the team's logo onto the shot glasses to be sold. Trust me, it will go like hot cakes since it will be sold to the team supporters before the games, during the games and after the games.

Whatever the reason it maybe, these shot glasses serve two purpose. One is to be filled with liquor and to quench the thirst of the glass owner and the number two reason is to create a lasting impression for your guests.Shot glasses that are personalized are also great in getting your business brand, logo or message across. If your company has visitors frequently coming to your office, get a set of personalized shot glasses done. So in this way, the next time your business associates or clients come over the office, treat them to drinks with your personalized shot glass. It will definitely create and impression in their minds and give them a better feeling about your company and the business since it shows you pay attention to detail.

The good thing about personalized shot glass is that you can choose whatever design you want to reflect the theme and the style of your business or just as an attention grabbing ray ban junior item. Combine your logo and a message, or a logo with your company's tagline and if you really want to be creative, why not add some witty slogan to go with it. Personalized shot glasses help you show or express your delightfulness of having them on your place as well as your tastes, and personality. Personalized shot glasses can be a souvenir or a token and it is like saying thank you to that person for sharing that special moment with you or by reminding that person that he or Obrazek she is there with you sharing those laughter and joy.
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