Za co są bany na naszym czacie.

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200 years worth of American political memorabilia.This is more than just flea market kitsch, explains Bird: I collect things that show active engagement in the process of electing the president ... a sense of participation. His work in the political history division of the museum has also included the excavation of a family fallout shelter from the Midwest.That's political history, too, he says.That sense of participation cannot be captured by television, he
ring, violence, and environmental destruction assaults our vivid yet strangely detached armchair contemplation of our TV sets, it is hardly surprising that we turn with yearning to the 18th and 19th centuries for the security, stability, the homogeneity we crave but lack today. Not that I am claiming that those were better times. They may have been more illusory, and for the vast majority of people more restrictive, but I think it was an easier era for great
businessmen gaining clout from Thailand's economic boom.This uneven political development is affecting other national security pillars such as the economy, social psychology, and military stability, says junta spokesman Col. Banchorn Chawansin, who rejects criticisms that military interference itself undermines Thailand's political and economic stability.Thailand is too grown up to be disturbed by any minor interior problem, he says.Among Thailand's neighbors
ic coming from the Persian Gulf, the defense of Japan, and projection of US power in the western Pacific.Only about two hours' flight time from the Philippines, note US officers, is the huge Soviet Naval Base at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam.The USSR also has use of naval facilities in Kompong Som in Cambodia, and Wonsan and Najin in North Korea. The Soviet Navy is becoming more and more oriented toward the Pacific, says the Pentagon, having added 50 ships and subs t

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