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itable [Amtrak] service,'' Dukakis said. ``One of the reasons our airports are so overburdened is that we have been spending the last eight years without a national transportation policy.''Any action here in the Northeast rail corridor will also set precedent for other areas of the country, says Luther Miller, editor of Railway Age, an industry magazine. ``The whole country is beginning to turn back to trains,'' he says. ``The question is, what can they affor
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stablish a new system of import controls, reduce interest rates, and set the Zambian currency, the kwacha, at a level of 8 to 1 to the United States dollar, compared with the freemarket rate of 21 to the dollar.Few economists believe that a country with a $5.8 billion foreign debt and a debtservice ratio of 70 percent of exports can revitalize its economy without substantial inflows of foreign capital. Last December, the World Bank estimated that the country
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continue to impress on the public its commitment to peace and let any Soviet recalcitrance be shown for what it is.Reagan's response to this counsel may depend a good deal on just what initiatives Kohl has in mind. But the feeling in the chancellery especially after Kohl's meeting with US VicePresident George Bush in Moscow is that Reagan should find such an approach compatible with his own current overture to Moscow.Significantly, the West Germans date t
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itions for an economic downturn are not present in the United States today. But the statistics that are coming out every month continue to show how little vigor there is in the economy. Last week the Fed announced that industrial production for July had risen 0.2 percent, and the numbers for May and June were revised upward slightly. But since last summer, the industrial production index has risen only 1.4 percent. Since consumer spending has been strong thro
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